Small incinerator ban

17 April 2000

Small incinerator ban

THE smaller abattoirs have been crippled by excessive veterinary inspection charges, and very many have closed.

Now, smaller incinerators are to be banned (Incinerator law threatens farms, FWi, 23 March, 2000).

This means the owners of relatively small abattoirs who have installed incinerators at some expense (20,000) to help reduce their disposal costs are now faced with more problems.

I farm on a fairly small scale and the only way I can make it pay is by direct-selling my stock. The only abattoirs who will process it are the smaller ones.

If they are forced out of business, then so am I. What I do is only small scale, but there are hundreds if not thousands of people just like me.

We keep rare breeds of farm animals – if we have to stop – then where will farming be in the future when the Dolly clones are found to be as identically tasteless as the commercial pork already is.

Rare-breed beef will be gone, too. Farming will need the rare genes we are so carefully conserving.

  • Carol Knights, Alsa Farm, Stansted, Essex

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