Small unit mixer-feeder

5 January 2001

Small unit mixer-feeder

A SELF-LOADING mixer-feeder wagon suitable for farms with fewer than 80 cows or beef animals, has been introduced by Hollands forage equipment specialist Peeters.

The trailed Peecon Pacman has a rear-mounted clamp loading device which is claimed to be rugged, simple and with few moving parts.

In operation, two hydraulic rams, concealed and protected within the body of the machine, force the curved 2m-wide (6.5ft) cutting blade down the silage face on to the 200mm-thick (0.75in) base plate. This is then raised, together with the cutting assembly, to deposit the 3cu m cut of silage into the 11cu m capacity mixing chamber. A planetary gear-driven vertical auger is said to take 3-5min to mix the contents.

Power requirement of the Pacman, which costs about £14,250 in Holland, is 70hp.

The Peecon Pacman from Peeters has an 11cu m capacity for feeding up to 80 cows.

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