Software tracks fleet of vehicles

3 December 1999

Software tracks fleet of vehicles

GWENT-based Patchwork Tech-nology used the Farm IT event to announce its Racal Tracs GPS vehicle tracking system – a system designed to provide constant communication between a base and up to 255 farm vehicles.

Using Patchworks computer mapping software, GPS and mobile receivers fitted to vehicles, the Racal system is designed to pinpoint the precise working location of machinery such as tractors, combines and self-propelled sprayers to an accuracy below 1m.

Key applications, says Patch-work, include judging when a combine requires more trailers or when to introduce secondary cultivation equipment for top work.

Racal Tracs also offers the ability to monitor total engine hours and performance so the operator or manager can see when the vehicle is due for a service.

The system can also send text messages between the tractor driver and farm manager back at the farm, and in future, yield information.

For Patchworks mapping software, key advantages include measuring time taken on field operations to enable more accurate control of employee time sheets and level of machine involvement.

Designated 1st Map, the mapping software is based on local grid references from Ordinance Survey maps. Using Racal Tracs, it generates a map overlay on the farm computer to identify vehicles location.

The mapping system is designed to allow fields to be viewed singularly or in any combination with the option of a zoom function.

Other options include an ability to measure field distances and areas. Patchwork 1st Map is priced at £395.

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