Sound and light scares off pests

23 March 2001

Sound and light scares off pests

PERSUADING pests to leave buildings through the use of ultrasonics – sounds higher than the human ear can detect – is not a new concept, nor is the use of recorded predator calls.

But Martley Electronics believes the new addition to its PestOff range to be the first multifunctional indoor/outdoor pest remover.

The BS4 is fitted with an ultrasonic sound generator, strobe light and a collection of predator calls recorded on solid state chips.

Martley says that this combination can take up to two weeks to move pests and is effective for up to 24m (75ft). In operation, the ultrasonic sounds are said to work on a pests central nervous system, the strobe flashes momentarily blinds them and the simultaneous predator calls frightens them.

The system works 24 hours a day. The maker recommends that the strobe, sounds and calls are all on at the same time for best results. Price of the BS4 unit, which can be mains or battery powered, is £299. &#42

Ultrasonic sound, strobe light and predatory calls unite to persuade pests to move out of buildings with Martley Electronics new BS4 unit.

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