Spinal cord found in Danish beef

4 May 2001

Spinal cord found in Danish beef

By FWi staff

THE National Farmers Union is demanding a Danish abattoir be closed after beef imported into the UK was found to have spinal cord attached.

NFU president Ben Gill branded the latest finding of a banned BSE specified risk material in imported meat as “deplorable and intolerable.”

“We will be contacting the European Commission and the Food Standards Agency as a matter of urgency to ensure these steps are taken,” he said.

“Once again, the Food Standards Agency has been left at the front line to defend the UK against imports of contaminated material.

“This should not have to be the case.”

Mr Gill said it was extremely disappointing that Denmark had joined the list of member states flouting the rules on the removal of spinal cord, said Mr Gill.

“It is deplorable and intolerable that any meat not meeting the specified standards is imported into the country.”

After a series of breaches of the spinal cord rules in the last few months the NFU is seeking a ban on imports from Germany.


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