Spreaders all the rage

2 November 2001

Spreaders all the rage

MECHANISED spreaders of straw into cattle pens – with their ability to save time and straw – are now, it appears, vogue implements.

The latest entrant into this market is Broadwater Machinery with its imported France-built DT 120 spreader.

This machine, says the company, can handle both big square and round bales and be operated by either a telescopic handler or attached to the rear linkage of a tractor.

The DT 120 has a hydraulically-powered moving floor which moves the loaded bale towards a similarly powered tined roller. For the larger Hesston square bales, a second tined roller is fitted above the first one.

Straw teased out of the bale then drops directly into the area to be bedded or, if a large area is to be strawed down, there is an option to employ two spinning discs to provide a spread pattern of up to 7m wide and 3m forwards.

Broadwater points out that the machine can also be used to meter out hay and silage in feed passages. If used with a telescopic handler the DT 120 requires a vehicle with a lift capacity of 2.5t and equipped with a 50 litre/min external hydraulic oil flow.

The DT 120 starts at £4950. &#42

Mechanised straw spreading with minimum dust and economic usage of straw is the claim for the France-built DT 120 spreader which can be operated attached to a telescopic handler or a tractors three-point linkage.

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