Store lamb prices set to collapse, says SNFUs Walker

By FW Staff

A WHOLESALE collapse in store lamb prices is on the cards, says Scottish NFU vice-president Jim Walker.

He sold Blackface ewe lambs to £44 at Thornhill last Saturday, down £15 on the year. The average price across the 4000 head fell the same amount to £30. Wedder lambs (1260) fared worse in percentage terms, down £15 to average £20.

Saturday sees the second sale of Scotch Mule ewe lambs at the same venue and Mr Walker is fearful of the outcome. “Prices at the first sale were reasonable but that was for well-grown lambs fit to go to the tup. This week it will be lambs to keep and sell as gimmers next year and breeders are expecting a hammering.

“It is hard to see any sort of market for the small Blackface hill lambs still to come forward,” he added, his fears confirmed on Monday at Stirling, where lightweight finished lambs struggled to make 65p/kg.

Blackface ewe lambs at Dalmally last weekend fared no better than at Thornhill and the gimmer trade has been equally hard hit, with 2000 withdrawn unsold last week at Lanark, where prices were down 30 percent on the year for both Texel and greyface crosses.

“There is a complete lack of confidence in the industry. Current prices for store cattle and sheep and feed barley at £50/t mean feeders should be queuing up for the stock. But they have no cash and no confidence and trade prospects for the rest of the season are extremely gloomy,” said Mr Walker.

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