Stress advice on the rise

23 March 2001

Stress advice on the rise

ORGANISATIONS offering farmers advice and stress counselling have received a massive increase in calls during the crisis.

Rural Stress Information Network director, Caroline Davies, said rural help organisations were working together to ensure more people were on hand to offer counselling and help, particularly in the hardest hit areas.

"Farming livelihoods are at stake, but there are an awful lot of people out there who really care and want to help," she said.

If you need support or assistance, please try one of the following:

lRural Stress Information Network 024-7641 2916 (9am-5pm, weekdays). Puts callers in touch with local stress initiatives and organisations offering practical help.

lFarm Crisis Network 07002-326 326 (7am-10pm, daily). Based on local groups of volunteer farmers and church workers, who can help farming families.

lRoyal Agricultural Benevolent Institution 01865 727 888 (9-5pm, weekdays). Provides financial assistance to farmers.

lRoyal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution 0131-333 1023

lThe Samaritans 08457 909090 (24 hours a day). Offers emotional help and support.

lSalvation Army Agricultural Chaplain 01270-522397 or 07967-559594 (24 hours a day) Keith Ineson, from Cheshire, is available to help around-the-clock.

lNational Pig Association 01379-742091 (day), 01449-711250 (night), 0585 594144 (mobile). Jean Turnbull will offer advice and support to all people caught up in the crisis.

Brighter evenings are just around the corner. Dont forget that British Summer Time finally begins this week and you will need to put your clocks forward by an hour on Sunday morning.

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