Strob trio vie for attention

2 March 2001

Strob trio vie for attention

Strobilurins have swept on to

the cereal fungicide market

in a big way. With three

active ingredients battling it

out this season, this special

focus concentrates on them,

examining what best they

should be mixed with and when

they should be applied. Editor

Andrew Blake begins by

highlighting what is available

IN just three seasons strobilurin fungicides have nearly quadrupled their share of the treated cereal area in the main EU markets.

Last season they were used on about 57% of crops sprayed for disease in France, Germany and the UK, according to BASF.

Last year saw the launch of Twist (trifloxystrobin) to challenge Amistar (azoxystrobin) and kresoxim-methyl based Ensign, Mantra and Landmark. This co-incided with the UK area sprayed with strobs rising to 41% of the fungicide-treated area, says new player Bayer. Total area sprayed was 4.4m hectares (10.9m acres), which represented a spend of nearly £80m or 54% of the market.

A total of 89% of winter wheat crops received at least one strob spray last season, according to the CSLs Pesticide Usage Survey figures.

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