Stubble operator

26 September 1997

Stubble operator

FEW moving parts form the basis of Andav Developments Vari Cult stubble cultivation machine.

The creation of Dorset farmer Anthony Harding and engineer David Chaffey, the 3m (10ft) machine uses pan-busting ripper tines followed by shallow working spring tines, the result of which is firmed up by a crumbler roller.

Working depth of the front ripper tines is controlled by the rear roller. An inner frame carries the spring tines, which can be hydraulically raised and lowered from the tractor seat.

On a machine where speed is clearly the key to its efficiency – the maker claims 10kph gives the best results – horsepower becomes the limiting factor. Vari Cult has a minimum requirement of 120hp.

As an option, the Vari Cult can be fitted with the Vari Seeder – basically a seed-box bolted to the rear roller – which drops small seeds such as rape, grass and mustard, ahead of a following harrow.

Price of the machine is £6500; the addition of the Vari Seeder lifts the price to £9000.

Vari Cult machine can be fitted with optional seed-box to create a one-pass cultivator drill for applying small seeds.

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