Superlevy the last straw?

4 April 2000

Superlevy the last straw?

WITH milk still over-quota and superlevy to be paid,the witholding of milk cheques could well be the last straw for many milk producers.

This will lead to a number of farmers going to the wall which in turn leads to an increase in suicides.

Do the dairy companies really want to be a party to
this, and do the supermarkets want to do business with these companies?

No, it`s time for them to tell the Intervention Board to do
their own dirty business.

And when they send their demands, this is how to reply:

“Although we sympathise with your need to collect superlevy, at this moment in time there are no available funds to pay you. May we suggest you find alternate ways of raising the funds. Some form of diversification might be the
answer, the renting-out of offices and the like.”

See how they react to that.

  • Michael Fisher, Nuneaton, Warwickshire

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