Supplements embryo claim

27 February 1998

Supplements embryo claim

FEEDING donor cows a natural supplement could double the number of embryos collected in each flush, claims Nutra-Genes Pam Coombes.

She attributes the results to improved immune status of cows supplemented with the companys Nutra-Gene Embryo product. When fed to cows in Swiss trials, they produced twice as many embryos.

Mrs Coombes says Nutra-Gene contains substances found in all living cells and when given to cows in this form it helps with regeneration of cells in the liver, gut lining and reproductive tract. These processes are limited at times of stress for the cow, such as when she is producing high yields.

"The supplement is a natural way to boost the cows immune response. It also leaves extra nutrients for production." Yield increases of 3.7% have been reported, says Mrs Coombes .

ET cows are treated for three weeks before flushing, and are usually individually fed at a cost of 50-60p a day, says Steve Mumford of Nutra-Gene. &#42

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