System for dairy profit

29 September 2000

System for dairy profit

MANAGING the profit of your dairy business in the same way that you do dairy cow costings is now possible with a service launched by Kingshay at the EDFE.

Its Dairy Manager Premium Plus service, which requires inputs for variable and fixed costs, offers the chance to monitor rolling results and compare them with other herds, says Duncan Forbes of Kingshay. Shortly, Kingshay hopes to offer special interest groups, so producers can compare results with farms on similar production systems.

Results are printed in a similar form to dairy costings, with figures for the herd also split down to £/cow or £/ha and p/litre.

"A pie chart helps see variable costs in proportion, to identify where changes can make the biggest difference to costs."

Overhead costs are broken down, with the labour figure including unpaid labour, costed in at £7 an hour, he added.

The service costs £12.50 a month more than the organisations regular dairy costings service, with an additional start up fee of £40.

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