Teat will give suckers even break

24 July 2002

Teat will give suckers even break

A TEAT which aids scour prevention by encouraging calves to suck not pump the teat is how Dairy Spares describe their latest product, the Milk Bar teat from New Zealand.

The design of the teat is said by manufacturer Milk Bar to encourage calves to suckle at a controlled rate and stimulate saliva production, both of which help prevent scours.

Encouraging suckling promotes milk flow to the abomasum where it is digested efficiently and absorbed, according to Anita Davies of Dairy Spares.

The Milk Bar teat, price £2.50, can be used with the full range of Milk Bar feeders, which run from the one calf feeder, costing £15.75, to the mobile 50-calf feeder, at £1595 (01948-667676; fax 01948-666505).

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