Tenants refused family tax credit

By FWi staff

TENANT farmers are being excluded from a flagship government policy intended to help working families.

George Dunn at the Tenant Farmers Association says a number of its members have already been refused payment of the working family tax credit.

The rules of the scheme stipulate that applicants have less than 8000 in assets, excluding the family home and any capital tied up in buildings, land or machinery.

However, a number of tenants have invested in a home for their retirement. This prudence means they will be ineligible for any assistance as the property will be classed as a second home.

Mr Dunn says this is unfair because landowners, even those renting out a number of farm cottages, are still able to claim. “What we want is equity between owner-occupiers and tenants.

“There could also be implications for other benefits such as job-seekers allowance and income support,” he adds.

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