They will work for some

19 October 2001

They will work for some

HYNO ESTA, outyielding a potential breadmaking variety on the same light field by 20%, prompted Essex grower Guy Smith to double this seasons area to 20ha (50 acres).

"We had a deluge from March to early May and then drought, and the hybrid appeared more vigorous right the way through."

On a better-bodied field it gave 9.4t/ha (3.8t/acre) compared with his 2001 average of 7t/ha (2.85t/acre).

"It was the one shining light in an otherwise very black night. But it is always dangerous to read too much into one years results.

"The seed is also very expensive. They are sugaring that pill by advising low seed rates, but on heavy clay you cant guarantee 95% emergence. In adverse seed-beds I am very reluctant to reduce rates." &#42

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