Time to tackle bruchid beetle

2 May 1997

Time to tackle bruchid beetle

BRUCHID beetle needs timely control to protect quality in field beans destined for export markets and broad beans for processing.

With the pest becoming increasingly common, advice from the Processors and Growers Research Organisation is to examine flowering crops from mid-May onwards.

If adults are found and the first eggs are not yet present on the developing pods, apply a treatment, it advises. A second application can go on about seven to 10 days later.

Decis (deltamethrin) is the only pyrethroid approved for use in flowering crops of field beans, notes supplier AgrEvo. But crops should be treated in late afternoon or early evening to minimise risk to pollinators.

PGRO advice is to apply Decis at 300 ml/ha in 300 to 400 litres of water.n

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