Top results for quality livestock

5 July 2002

Top results for quality livestock

By Jonathan Long

WITH both The Queen and The Prince of Wales visiting this year, the Royal Show truly claimed its Royal status and nowhere was this more evident than in the cattle and pig lines. A show of top quality livestock greeted crowds, leaving many realising just what they had missed out on last year.

In the cattle judging rings, judge Horacio Gutierrez, from Argentina, praised the quality of the females in the Aberdeen Angus classes. "The breed champion, a cow from the McLaren familys Netherton herd, has both length and power, yet she still retains excellent feminine qualities," he said.

While, in the Hereford classes, judge Ian Watson of Australia, was equally impressed with the number and quality of cattle put in front of him. "Both male and female champions are magnificent examples of their breed," remarked Mr Watson. However, despite having made the long trip from Fife, John Camerons cow Baldinnie 1 Oakland 4 couldnt quite snatch the top ticket from J B Henrys bull Onondaga Pure Gold.

In other beef cattle classes, a number of exhibitors claimed double honours, including Jane Wyllie from Tamworth, Staffs, who took champion and reserve in the Belgian Blue classes. Joining in on the double act were Glasgow City Council in the Highland classes and Philip Arrowsmith who did the double in the Welsh Black classes.

In the dairy cattle lines top honours in the Holstein section went to Morwick Sand Queen from Messrs Templeton and Howie, a repeat of her success at the Royal Highland Show only 10 days previously.

A 30 year wait was ended in the Ayshire ring, when Chris Window won the breed championship with Hunnington Fragrance 26. Mr Window had won the reserve breed title at Stoneleigh many times, but until this year he had always been pipped for the top spot.

The pig classes were dominated by a pair of pigs from the Morebread herd of Berkshires from East Sussex-based exhibitor Charles Bull. Mr Bull won both the male and female young pig interbreed titles, with a litter brother and sister and the pair went on to take the much coveted Flack Trophy for the best pair of pigs. However, the interbreed title eluded the coloured breeds and was claimed by Geoff Parkers Middle White sow, Pandy Woodlands Lady 6.

&#8226 Judging continued as FW went to press. Cattle interbreed and sheep results will be reported in next weeks issue.



Aberdeen Angus W & D McLarens cow Netherton Flora Y284; res, Shadwell Estates bull Royal Added Value.

Beef Shorthorn Harry Horrels bull Chapelton Promoter; res, N J & A M Barretts cow Gleariff Lancaster Krystal.

Belgian Blue J Wyllies heifer Captive De Fooz; res, J Wyllies cow Escorte Du Fond De Bois.

Belted Galloway J Smiths bull Blobec Dun Concorde; res, J Stracheys cow Bolebec Pearl Diver.

Blonde dAquitaine R P & S M Holloway cow Withybrook Orchid; res, P J & P M Williams bull Cosdon Pawnee.

British White L M Cooks heifer Albany Tobago; res, L M Cooks bull Albany Plato.

Charolais A Whites cow Balbithan Nadia; res, T Nesbitt & Sons cow Alwent Peregrin.

Devon E D Ropers bull Forde Abbey Xanthous; res, Stonegrove Livestocks cow Dingle Norie 98.

Galloway Klondyke Farms bull Blackcraig Gusto; res, I Finlays cow Klondyke Tempest.

Hereford J B Henrys bull Onondaga Pure Gold; res, J A Cameroon & Sons cow Baldinnie 1 Oakland 4.

Highland Glasgow City Councils heifer Coistaidh 3 of Pollok; res, Glasgow City Councils heifer Annag Ruadh 2 of Leys.

Limousin D A Williams heifer Wilodge Ritzy; res, Millington Grange Estates cow Gaich Nutcracker.

Lincoln Red Michael Reads cow Hemingby Treasure V17; res, C L Bembridges heifer Anwick Hannah C20.

Longhorn John Close & Sons heifer Charnwood Agnes; res, J W Stanleys heifer Blackbrook Louisa.

Murray Grey D Wildesteins bull Blue Grit; res, L I Roberts cow Troytown Gussie.

Salers A M Austins heifer Morwenstow Jasmin 5; res, D I & &#42 M Rogers heifer Coland Primrose.

Simmental A R Clements & Partners bull Darshams Hadden; res, J P Peters cow Camus Greensleeves.

South Devon R Clemens bull Penrose Stonehedging Summers; res, W &#42 D Scotts cow Grove Dewbury 14.

Sussex M K D Hinds bull Mayfield Major 18; res, M K D Hinds cow Maplesden Snowdrop 15.

Welsh Black Philip Arrowsmiths bull Caerynwch Twysog 6; res, Philip Arrowsmiths bull Yralt John Boy 3.


Ayshire C & L Windows cow Hunnington Fragrence 26; res, J & K Rennies heifer Brocklehill Escort.

Dairy Shorthorn John Haywards cow Hooton Fairy Duchess 25; res, G &#42 Osborne & Sons cow Cotley Anne 40.

Dexter D Smiths heifer Moomin Marigold; res, Munn & Bells Needle Hall Tiggy.

Guernsey Sir Howard Guiness cow White Ladies Tiara 12; res, Susan Lady Barlows cow Bukely Dimple 27.

Holstein R W Templeton & D A Howie & Sons cow Morwick Sand Queen; res, A &#42 Wilsons cow Dalesend Storm Maude.

Jersey B A Daws cow Bluegrass Barbers Lady Carol; res, C W & G E Hallidays Whitton Taipans Delia.

Red Poll M V Dawes cow Hinwick Kingcup; res, M V Dawes cow Tatton Emily.


Interbreed G Parkers Middle White sow Pandy Woodlands Lady 6; 1 res, A Gregory & Sons sow Poplarburn Queen Mary 117

Flack Trophy, Best pair of Pigs C Bulls Berkshires; res, S J S Loveless & A Gregory & Sons Large Whites.

Berkshire C Bulls gilt Morebread Namatjira 5; res, Glebe Farms sow Jobesmajor Royal Sapphire 17.

British Lop T Osbornes sow Greenway Harmony; res, T Osbornes sow Clobred Harmony 33.

British Saddleback Peggy Darvills sow Toller Dinah; res, Peggy Darvills sow Toller Dinah.

Duroc A P & P C Roses sow Maddaford Hjornegard; res, B J Cards boar Westerly Sveske 60.

Gloucester Old Spot D Overtons sow Exfold Princess 95; res, T Osbornes boar Blaisdon Patrick 14/15.

Large Black Viscount Cranborne & B J Cards sow Westerly Jewel 33; res, P G Snell & Sons sow Sock Bess 38.

Large White A Gregory & Sons sow Poplarburn Queen Mary 117; res, S J S Loveless boar Port Bredy King David 606.

Middle White G Parkers sow Pandy Woodlands Lady 6; res, G Parkers Cestrian Revival 4.

Tamworth Boyton Farms sow Berkswell Rose Leaf 54; res, Boytons Farms sow Berkswell Maple 45.

Welsh G F Carys sow Clayborne Impish 168; res, G F Carys sow Clayborne Impish 184.

Landrace N L G Hunkins sow Sunrise Princess 530; res, S J S Loveless Sunrise Hawk. &#42

Royal Double… Morwick Sand Queen from Messrs Templeton and Howie took top honours in the Holstein classes, a repeat of her success at the Royal Highland just 10 days earlier.

Darshams Hadden claimed the Simmental breed championship, capping another successful show season for the Suffolk based Clements family.

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