Top two Dutch slots occupied by one breeder

21 August 1998

Top two Dutch slots occupied by one breeder

HOLIM Apollo appears in second position on Hollands latest proof run, ranked on its type and production index INET, joining Holim Boudewijn, from the same breeder, who tops the list.

A Fari Wayne son, Apollo has a UK conversion of £123 PIN, with 755kg of milk, 48.8kg of fat and 28.6kg of protein.

Apollos first proof has 80% reliability, but includes a high proportion of records in progress, cautions Genus sire analyst James Simpson. He is a brother to the dam of top bull Boudewijn who offers a UK PIN of £125, at 85% reliability.

Eastland Cash, Delta Cleitus Jabot and Etazon Celcius take the next three places with £121, £118 and £120 PIN, respectively.

Another newcomer to the list is Nordkap son, Delta 239 Nordkap. He joins the list in 11th place with £112 PIN, at 78% reliability. &#42

Top 5 Dutch sires on INET


Holim Boudejiwn 583 125

Holim Apollo 572 123

Eastland Cash 527 121

Delta Cleitus Jabot 502 118

Etazon Celcius 500 120

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