Tories give commitment to farming

5 September 2000

Tories give commitment to farming

By FWi staff

THE CONSERVATIVES claim they are the party most committed to ensuring farming forms the heart of the rural economy.

On Tuesday (05 Sep) the Tories launch their agricultural policy, pledging to improve food labelling, cut bureaucracy and take immediate action to get the French ban on British beef lifted.

Conservative farming spokesman Tim Yeo told the BBC Radio 4 Farming Today programme that his party is most sympathetic towards agriculture.

“I believe the Conservatives understand the importance of farming to the rural economy,” he said.

“I believe that the British countryside has to be cherished and have resources best generated by a successful rural economy to maintain the high-quality visual landscape we all enjoy.”

Mr Yeo said the Tories would give this a higher priority than Labour because they recognise the importance of measures to protect greenfield areas, and the damaging effects of high fuel tax.

He said a prosperous farming industry provided the background for protecting the environment, creating rural jobs and producing high-quality food.

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