17 January 1997


FERTILISER efficiency is vital to make the most of this increasingly costly input without harming the environment.

Few would disagree that nutrient applications are very cost-effective. But dwindling crop prices mean every input must be scrutinised.

Pinpointing the right rates is far from a precise science. Vagaries such as the weather, soil type, crop residues, organic manures and yield potential all make life difficult.

But economic necessity, the imminent arrival of NVZ action plans and the general trend towards environmental safety mean every grower must sharpen their act.

In this supplement, we have combined advice on making the most of nutrients, examples of farmers doing the right thing and a guide to which broadcasters are on the market.

Reminders of the importance of spreader calibration, NVZ timetables and attitudes to fertiliser quality are also complemented by a price forecast for the coming season. Finally we take a look at the role for precision farming technology in nutrient application.

Times are changing. Greater fertiliser efficiency is vital. We hope this supplement helps point you in the right direction.

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