Traceability is all…

7 March 1997

Traceability is all…

TRACEABILITY is becoming a watchword for French consumers, particularly in the feed industry.

Thats why one of the major farm organisations – the Central Co-operative of Animal Production (CCPA) – has recently become ISO 9002 accredited and has introduced a more rigorous quality control and tracing system.

The co-op, which covers the livestock industry from feed manufacturing to milk and meat sales, has worked with supermarkets to ensure their meat meets the standards for the "Label Rouge" – which proves the meat can be traced from farm to supermart shelf.

According to CCPA vet Jean-Francois Labarre, feed traceability is a vital part of that. "We now have a bar code system which can be used to trace loads of feed from the time they enter mills to when they leave as feed. "Traceability does cost money – particularly since we have the ISO 9002 system – but it also means that when there are problems we can identify them more quickly and sort them out there and then."

Feed traceability is a vital part of ensuring meat earns the Label Rouge, said CCPA vet Jean-Francois Labarre.

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