Trials spark new anti-GM action

21 March 2001

Trials spark new anti-GM action

By FWi staff

RENEWED opposition to farm-scale genetically modified crop trials has begun with public meetings and calls for discussions with ministers.

Fifty-three spring trials of GM beet and oilseed rape have been announced, with maize sites due to be added at the end of the month.

South Dorset Friends of the Earth is holding a public meeting next week to address concerns about an oilseed rape trial planned near Preston, Weymouth.

The groups Helen Ellery said it was their fervent hope that the farmer involved would withdraw from the trial.

And earlier this month, West Lindsey District Council in Lincolnshire requested a meeting with Environment Minister Michael Meacher to discuss the trials.

Councillors are concerned that four trials have been announced in the district.

Lib-Dem councillor Gary Fenwick fears that scientists and labourers working on the trials could bring foot-and-mouth disease into the district.

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