Two-in-one spreader

14 November 1997

Two-in-one spreader

TWO fertiliser spreaders in one, is one way to describe Amazones new tractor mounted ZA-M 4.2, which, in some respects it clearly is.

Equipped with four spinners – two on the bottom and two on top – the hopper has two 1600-litre (352gal) sections which can, if required, be filled with two different fertilisers. Each hopper section feeds into its own two spinners.

The result is that when spreading straight potash and phosphate granules, for example, not only can individual rates be adjusted to suit particular crop conditions, the system can be used with GPS to apply different rates according to yield map data. And if, say, straight nitrogen is being spread, both hoppers can be brought into play.

But it is not just fertilisers that this 48m (157.6ft) maximum spread machine can be used for. It can also, for example, be set up to spread a combination of oilseed rape and slug pellets.

Key to the system is the setting of the spinners. Two sets are provided with adjustable vanes to allow different spreading characteristics to be catered for.

Two fertiliser spreaders in one. Amazones ZA-M 4.2 can spread up to 48m (157.6ft) using its four spinning discs.

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