Ulster crackdown on stock haulage

13 November 1998

Ulster crackdown on stock haulage

By Ian Marshall

FARMERS and hauliers transporting animals are warned that Department of Agriculture (DAG) inspectors will be increasing the level of checks on livestock trailers in the coming months.

The checks are to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order (NI) 1997, under which both farmer and haulier are legally responsible for ensuring a suitable means of transport is provided.

So as not to fall foul of the order, the DAG advises farmers and hauliers to ensure, before undertaking a journey, lorries are fit to transport livestock.

The vehicle must have a roof and its construction should be such no animal is at risk of sustaining injury or unnecessary stress during transport. It must also have an inspection facility.

Also, stocking densities should not cause overcrowding and partitions must be used to segregate different groups of animals, and separate them where they are likely to injure each other during transport – horned and polled cattle for example.

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