Unit control for quality

29 September 2000

Unit control for quality

LELYS Astronaut milking robot has received some extensive updates in the past few years as the manufacturer gains ever-greater experience from on-farm use.

The latest development is the milk quality control (MQC) unit which monitors the milk flowing in each quarters milk line for any abnormalities, such as blood or colostrum.

Should any be detected, the affected milk is automatically diverted away from the main milk tank and stored in a separate container. The cow is also identified for treatment.

Within the MQC each milk flow has a light projected through it with a sensor detecting any changes in the colours created.

The MQC is now fitted as standard to all new Astronaut milking robots.

Milk abnormalities – blood or colostrum – can be detected by Lelys new milk quality control system and automatically diverted away from the main milk tank.

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