Update on swine fever outbreak – August

12 September 2000

Update on swine fever outbreak – August

  • Farmers snub pig slaughter scheme (31 August 2000)

    FARMERS hit by swine fever are refusing to send pigs into a government slaughter scheme because of fears that they will not receive any compensation.

  • MAFF denies Tory pig claims (31 August 2000)

    THE Ministry of Agriculture has denied Tory claims that it has asked for 25 in compensation from Brussels for each pig killed under swine fever controls.

  • Brown is like Pilate, say pig farmers (31 August 2000)

    AGRICULTURE minister Nick Brown has been likened to Pontius Pilate by farmers caught up in restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of swine fever.

  • Tories: Farmers to get just 25 a pig (31 August 2000)

    FARMERS hit by swine fever controls may receive just 25 for each pig killed under the governments slaughter scheme, a leading Tory MEP has claimed.

  • Farmers offered pig compensation hope (31 August 2000)

    THE government has strongly indicated that farmers will be compensated for pigs slaughtered under its pig slaughter scheme.

  • Pig farmers urged to use scheme (29 August 2000)

    THE National Pig Association is urging farmers to take advantage of the governments pig slaughter scheme, due to start on Wednesday (30 August).

  • Hot Bank Holiday could force pig cull (25 August 2000)

    PIG farmers in East Anglia are praying for rain this Bank Holiday weekend.

  • Chief vet warns of new fever cases (25 August 2000)

    FARMERS should not rule out the possibility that other cases of classical swine fever may be discovered, says the Governments chief veterinary officer.

  • Pig farmers warn of fever body blow(24 August 2000)

    PIG farmers have warned that they face a body blow which will take them 10 years to recover from unless they are compensated for the swine fever outbreak.

  • Pigs may be smuggled from zones (24 August 2000)

    DESPERATE pig farmers could resort to smuggling animals out of swine fever restriction zones because of uncertainty surrounding compensation.

  • Government plans to slaughter pigs (24 August 2000)

    THE government has unveiled plans to slaughter and dispose of up to 100,000 pigs that are stranded on farms because of swine fever restrictions.

  • Brown pig aid decision within days (23 August 2000)

    FARM minister Nick Brown will decide “within days” how to help pig farmers facing financial ruin and a welfare crisis as a result of the swine fever outbreak.

  • Vets call for mass pig slaughter (22 August 2000)

    VETERINARY experts have called for the slaughter of up to 80,000 pigs in a bid to save large numbers of farmers from ruin because of swine fever.

  • Lifting of ban gives pig farmers hope (22 August 2000)

    PIG farmers believe that the lifting of the export ban on English pigs could signal an early end to other restrictions put in place to control swine fever.

  • Pig ban partially lifted by Brussels (22 August 2000)

    BRUSSELS has partially lifted its ban on English exports of live pigs and boar semen imposed following the outbreak of swine fever in East Anglia.

  • Decision day for swine fever ban (22 August 2000)

    VETERINARY experts in Brussels are set to decide whether to extend or amend their ban on exports of English pigs imposed because of swine fever.

  • All-clear for four more pig herds (21 August 2000)

    FOUR more pig herds suspected of having swine fever have been given the all-clear by MAFF, the ministry confirmed on Monday afternoon.

  • Charity offers help to pig farmers (21 August 2000)

    CHARITY workers have offered their services to crisis-hit pig farmers and their families following the outbreak of swine fever in East Anglia.

  • Yeo hits out over swine fever (21 August 2000)

    SHADOW agriculture minister Tim Yeo has slammed the governments “dismissive attitude” towards farmers whose pigs are affected by swine fever.

  • Swine fever confined to East Anglia (21 August 2000)

    TESTS carried out on farms outside East Anglia appear to show that the swine fever outbreak has not spread to other parts of the country.

  • Chief vet optimistic over swine fever (18 August


    JIM SCUDAMORE, the governments chef veterinary officer, has voiced his

    optimism that the outbreak of swine fever may have been contained.

  • Welfare crisis wont happen – Brown (18 August


    AGRICULTURE Minister Nick Brown has insisted that he will not preside over

    an animal welfare catastrophe resulting from the swine fever outbreak.

  • Brown rules out swine fever money (18 August


    BRITISH pig producers unable to sell healthy livestock because of the swine fever

    crisis will not be compensated, says agriculture minister Nick Brown.

  • Swine fever – Ministers statement (18 August


    TEXT of a statement from agriculture minister Nick Brown following a meeting with pig industry representatives on Friday (18 Aug).

  • Learn from Dutch, pig producers urged (18 August


    BRITISH pig producers are being urged to learn lessons from the Dutch,

    who suffered the last major European outbreak of classical swine fever

    in 1997.

  • MAFF widens swine fever testing (18 August 2000)

    THE Ministry of Agriculture is investigating suspected outbreaks of

    swine fever on farms in four more counties previously unconnected with the


  • Processor: Sell zone pigmeat fresh (18 August 2000)

    FRESH meat from swine fever surveillance areas should be allowed to go

    on the UK market, says the chairman of a major pigmeat processor.

  • Swine fever controls to stay – Brown (17 August 2000)

    AGRICULTURE minister Nick Brown has refused to lift restrictions

    designed to control the outbreak of swine fever in East Anglia.

  • RSPCA concerns over pig backlog (17 August 2000)

    THE RSPCA has expressed concern over the animal welfare crisis building

    up in East Anglia because of controls aimed at controlling swine fever

    in pigs.

  • Pig farmers fear welfare catastrophe (17 August 2000)

    PIG farmers have called for immediate action to avert a major animal

    welfare crisis because of restrictions imposed to control swine fever.

  • US and Canada monitor UK pigmeat (16 August 2000)

    THE United States and Canada are monitoring imports of English pig

    products as a precaution against the spread of swine fever to north


  • What the papers say: swine fever (16 August 2000)

    AS fears grow over the spread of swine fever in the UK, newspapers

    consider the latest developments in the crisis.

  • Fears grow over spread of swine fever (15 August 2000)

    PIG herds from all over the country are being tested for swine fever

    amid fears that the disease has spread beyond East Anglia.

  • MAFF information could be better (15 August 2000)

    GOVERNMENT communications since the outbreak of swine fever in East

    Anglia could have been better, a junior agriculture minister has


  • Brussels bans English pig exports (14 August 2000)

    BRUSSELS has imposed an immediate ban on exports of all live pigs and

    boar semen from England in response to the outbreak of classical swine


  • Malton Foods lifts ban on buying pigs (14 August 2000)

    MALTON Foods, the countrys biggest pig processor, claims to have lifted its blanket ban on buying pigs from farmers in swine fever-hit East Anglia.

  • Swine fever fallout may hit 1000 farms (14 August 2000)

    ABOUT 1000 farmers could be left with virtually worthless pigs as a result of the classical swine fever outbreak in East Anglia, an industry expert has claimed.

  • Malton refuses East Anglian pigs (11 August 2000)

    THE UKs leading pigmeat processor is refusing to take any pigs from East Anglia following the outbreak the classical swine fever (CSF) in the region.

  • Young couple face pig cull misery (11 August 2000)

    A YOUNG couple who have worked for seven years to build up their pig breeding business face heavy losses following the first outbreak of swine fever in the UK for 14 years.

  • Swine fever cull on six new farms (11 August 2000)

    MAFF has ordered the slaughter of all pigs on six nursery units in a bid to control the spread of classical swine fever (CSF) in East Anglia.

  • Swine fever found on two more farms (10 August 2000)

    CLASSICAL swine fever (CSF) has been confirmed on two further farms, one in Essex and one in Norfolk.

  • Swine fever outbreak confirmed (09 August 2000)

    AN outbreak of highly contagious pig disease classical swine fever (CSF) has been confirmed in Suffolk.

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