US lifts restrictions on Argentine beef imports

27 June 1997

US lifts restrictions on Argentine beef imports

The US is to open up its market to non-processed Argentine beef from August
25. This is the first time it has done so in more than 60 years. It follows a
declaration earlier this year that stocks were free of foot-and-mouth disease.
The only thing that could stop the relaxation of Argentine beef rules would be a
challenge by Congress.

Several other countries, especially in Asia, are expected to follow the US

US imports of Argentine beef were stopped in the 1930s after an outbreak. A
subsequent outbreak has only just been eradicated. Argentine herds are
vaccinated.The Argentine economy ministry expects beef exports to rise to more
than 800,000 tons in 2000 — a 70% increase on last year.

  • Financial Times 27/06/97 page 33

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