US salmonella scare

5 July 2002

US salmonella scare

AN antibiotic-resistant salmonella strain wreaking havoc in the US could be the next disease to threaten UK cattle herds.

Present in US cattle for two years, Salmonella Newport is causing large numbers of deaths in herds across the Atlantic and is also a serious public health concern, said Giles Paiba, of the Vet Lab Agency.

"The worry is Salmonella Newport could find its way to the UK via infected people, meat or imported feed. DEFRA is currently putting together contingency plans to keep it out."

Salmonella Newport is resistant to even the most advanced antibiotics, added DEFRA vet officer Josep Bis. "We are encouraging vets to send samples to the VLA from animals with suspected Salmonella and to determine the strain.

"It is also likely animals imported from the US will have to be tested for Salmonella Newport before they enter Britain." &#42

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