Use red diesel, but get agreement first

14 September 2000

‘Use red diesel, but get agreement first’

By FWi staff

FARMERS can use red diesel on the road — but must first get local agreement and will have to pay back tax.

HM Customs and Excise announced the relaxation on the use of red diesel in recognition of fuel shortages caused by protests.

However, before using red diesel on the road, farmers are told to first contact their local Customs and Excise advice centre to agree payment methods.

Farmers who desperately need to move produce and stock and need to bring in supplies fear time could be lost through bureaucracy.

But a Customs and Excise spokeswoman said the process could be done with a single phone call, followed up later in writing.

She said: “Farmers should phone their local advice centre, where they should be given verbal confirmation, and can fax the agreement afterwards.”

Customs also advised farmers to keep accurate records of all red diesel used and additional duty will be charged at the rate of 45.69p/litre.

Farmers seeking to supply any red diesel to someone else must check in advance with Customs and will be liable for the additional duty.

The National Farmers Union said it has been inundated with calls from farmers on the issue and welcomed the move.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the first supplies of fuel are reaching farms.

Rutlands Oil has delivered 600 gallons of diesel to a farm near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

The farmer, who ran out of supplies on Monday, asked not to be named.

He said: “Dont identify me, as it would like putting a map in the Press inviting people to come and steal the diesel.”

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