Useful new options for slurry tankers

7 March 1997

Useful new options for slurry tankers

TYRE and drawbar options for Hi-Spec Engineerings mid-range 1600 and 2000gal single axle Super Vacuum slurry tankers have now been introduced.

Claimed to offer the benefits of tandem axle running gear – but at less cost – the tankers can now be equipped with wide 64in diameter wheels. Two sizes are available: 23.1 x 26 or 28.1 x 26 with the wheels set into cutouts in the sides of the machines to reduce overall width.

A spring-mounted drawbar is now also on offer aimed at smoother road towing. Comprising twin coil springs positioned between the drawbar and the front of the tankers chassis, the pivot point for the drawbar is just in front of the tankers single axle.

The new tyre options add another £1425 and £2350 on to the £6300 basic retail price of a 2000 gallon tanker, while a sprung drawbar requires another £795.

Large wheels – 23.1×26 or 28.1x 26 – and a sprung drawbar become options for Hi-Spec Engineerings range of slurry tankers.

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