Variable in yield and quality

29 August 2001

Variable in yield and quality

WITH considerable areas of winter wheat and spring barley being combined, Stephen Howlett of BDR in Norfolk says that yields and quality are very varied.

“The early spring barley crop was good quality, but now its suspect. We are now seeing splitting and skinning problems.” Nitrogen is averaging 1.75-1.8%, but with several samples over 1.85%.

Yields for wheat and spring barley are very variable. “Wheat drilled in good conditions on free-draining soil have yielded between 3.5-4t/acre (8.6-10t/ha), but on the heavier soils some yields are 2t/acre (5t/ha). Farmers are very disappointed.”

Quality on the wheat is variable. Hagberg on soft wheat is as low as 130 and 170 on Malacca quality wheat. “Many of the wheat is struggling on protein and some of the feed wheat has specific weight of 73Kg/hl, while we normally expects 78Kg/hl.”

He says harvest will be close to finishing with five good days of weather.

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