Veg energy efficiency

19 December 1997

Veg energy efficiency

ENERGY efficiency auditing to comply with environmental protocols for vegetable growers should be easier after the launch of a new package from the Farm Energy Centre.

The package includes a checklist plus guidance notes to help growers produce a customised energy efficiency action plan. All parts of the enterprise are covered including storage, field equipment, farm office, packhouse and protected cropping.

For those growers who want additional in-depth information, an Energy Efficiency Reference Folder is also available.

Cost of the scheme document, registration, 12 months subscription to the Farm Energy Update bulletin and the Farm Energy Centres Energy Efficiency telephone hotline is £40 plus VAT. An optional Reference folder containing over 60 short publications can be obtained for a further £30 plus VAT. An-in-depth farm consultancy and written report with recommendations costs about £400. &#42

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