Vegetable lifter is more manoeuvrable

2 August 2002

Vegetable lifter is more manoeuvrable

STANDEN Reflex now offers a new version of the Denmark-built Asa-Lift self-propelled top lift vegetable harvester.

The 350hp SP300-DF is a hydrostatically driven three-wheel drive machine which, with its large diameter wheels and new chassis design, is claimed to offer good mobility and low pressure operation in wet conditions. Manoeuvrability is further enhanced by the ability of the front wheel to turn up to 85í – an additional pivot point enables the machine to be set up when opening up a field without running on unharvested crop.

The harvester also features automatic row-steering and height control to help ensure the crop is presented correctly to the toppers.

When harvesting three rows of carrots on a 1.8m (72in) bed, for example, sensors on the pick-up rails continually sense the amount of steering correction required, while other sensors on the three pick-up arms ensure that the correct height is maintained – for each arm.

The harvester unit is also fitted with hydraulically powered rotating torpedoes which slice through weed and tops and hydraulic rotating discs keep the topping knife area clear.

Standen says that, later in the season, a share lifting system can be fitted to replace the top lifting unit, an operation eased through use of quick release couplings and four onboard hydraulic jacks.

When harvesting straw covered winter carrots the SP300-DFs modular design enables a cleaning system which uses a Niagri roller table, banks of rubber stars, hedgehog belt and a transfer conveyor to be fitted.

Price of the Asa-Lift SP300-DF starts at about £220,000. &#42

New from Standen Reflex is the Asa-Lift SP300-DF vegetable harvester which features automatic row-steering and height control.

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