Vegetarian replacement for fishmeal? fgfgfgfg

17 August 2001

Vegetarian replacement for fishmeal? fgfgfgfg

VEGETARIAN protein feeds which can be used as a replacement for fishmeal in ruminant and pig/poultry diets or just as an alternative source of protein, have been launched by Devenish.

NatuPro is said to be a nutritionally enhanced, GM-free protein for inclusion in young pig/poultry diets. Ingredients include legumes and oilseed protein, microbial biomass, sugars and slow-release amino acids, to provide a 35% protein feed with 5.4% lysine.

The slow re-lease amino acids help digestion in young animals to prevent cases of scouring and wet litter, says the company.

Its ruminant product, ByPro, is also being launched onto the UK market after being widely used in Ireland last winter. It is a ruminant bypass protein product, containing 46% crude protein, designed to be fed as 5-10% of a cattle diet.

Both products are available in 25kg bags. NatuPro costs about £600/t and ByPro about £420/t (028-9075 5566, fax 028-9074 8820).

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