Visitors see plenty of debuts as big event welcomed back

5 July 2002

Visitors see plenty of debuts as big event welcomed back

After a years absence

Sprays and Sprayers

was well received with

visitors witnessing an array

of new and interesting

spraying developments.

Mike Williams reports

STROLLING between the stands at last weeks Sprays and Sprayers event, it was hard to find a single company that did not exhibit new or improved spraying equipment.

Staged at its familiar site near Whittlesford in Cambs, the event provided a long-awaited chance for makers to unveil machinery after its cancellation last year.

Among the new self-propelled sprayers at the show was the 1530 machine built from scratch by Knight Farm Machinery.

Saddled on the 1530s chassis is a spray pack which uses electronic rather than manually set valves to simplify plumbing. Main functions are operated by a touchpad located in the cab or above the induction hopper.

Driving force is from a 150hp or 170hp engine, and there are two, four and crab steering modes available.

On the Chafer stand was a new mark II Mirage self-prop sprayer built by AgChem with beefed-up axles and a 150hp Cat six-cylinder engine.

The new model will now accept row crop wheels up to 116cm (46in) in diameter, and self-levelling hydraulic suspension with position sensors is now standard.

Bateman used the event to add a new 36m variable geometry boom to the options list for its RB25 self-prop sprayer. The RB25 is built on the same chassis as the RB16 model, but has a 170hp Deere engine and a new 36m steel boom.

Price for the new Chafer Mirage sprayer with 24m boom and 3000-litre tank is £60,000, while the new Knight 1530 costs £65,000. &#42

The 1530 sports an electronic touchpad to operate main sprayer functions and simplify plumbing.

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