Warm up livestock with overhead heat

19 November 1999


QuadBlok offers plenty of choice

GIVE cattle and sheep a choice of feed block with FSL Bells QuadBlok system.

The system is said to give cattle and sheep in extensive situations more flexibility to self-select the correct combination of nutrients to balance their own particular needs.

There is a choice of five 20kg QuadBloks including trace element, energy, protein and high magnesium blocks for cattle and sheep. Each block fits into a compartment of the QuadBox container.

Costs are 4p/head a day for sheep and 14p/head a day for cattle. Containers cost £24 each but are free for orders of one tonne or more, placed and delivered in one drop before 29 Jan 2000 (01249-700750, fax 01249-700751).

Dipstick test detects early signs of pregnancy

IDENTIFY non-pregnant cows from as early as 48 hours after service, says distributor of the Early Conception Factor Test, Louvic.

The test works by detecting a protein – produced by the embryo – in blood serum or milk, according to the company. Best results are obtained through testing cows five days after service. Using prostaglandins, non-pregnant cows can be re-inseminated as early as two to three days after testing, it adds.

The test comes in dipstick form and is said to be at least 93% accurate. Each test costs £5 (01993-709795, fax 01993-771859).

Warm up livestock with overhead heat

WARM your livestock this winter with electric heaters from Maywick.

The heaters are said to be suitable for all livestock species, easy to operate and clean with no dust problems.

Models are available in two ratings – 1.5kW and 2.6kW. Canopies of 95cm (37in) and 56cm (22in) are offered for a wide spread of heat or more confined requirements, respectively.

Each heater incorporates an Incoloy bright-emitter sheathed element and is fitted with an individual on/off thermostat.

Heaters cost from £210 each (01245-400637, fax 01245-400899).

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