Warning as thieves target straw

20 December 2000

Warning as thieves target straw

By FWi staff

THIEVES seeking to capitalise on the high price of straw are stealing bales from farms, warn Welsh farming representatives.

The Farmers Union of Wales has urged producers to be on their guard after 15 bales were stolen from a farm in Anglesey.

The storms and severe flooding have destroyed large consignments of winter feed and forced producers to house stock earlier, pushing the price of straw up.

This has sparked fears that thieves may be stealing straw from barns and selling it on.

Raiders struck at Eifion Huws dairy farm near Holyhead last week during a severe storm, which masked the noise of the vehicle used to transport the bales.

“The straw was stored quite close to the farm, and despite the fact that I have two dogs in the house they didnt hear a thing,” said Mr Huws.

“It is extremely annoying when someone steals vital supplies that were meant to help feed my livestock over the winter months.”

The FUW urged anyone who sees any form of suspicious activity on farms to contact the police immediately

Prices for wheat straw in big bales rose as much as 10 on least years figures to 45/t.

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