Well survive to a ripe old age in year 2023…

11 September 1998

Well survive to a ripe old age in year 2023…

The winner of the writing competition (Farmlife, June 18)

which helped mark the FWCs 50th anniversary is

Anne Bourner of Hooe, East Sussex. Members were invited

to look ahead and to write about their lives, the lives of

farm women in general and/or the Farm Womens Club in

the year 2023. This is what Anne wrote:

To think of 25 years hence seems a mammoth task but the last 25 years have flown past so perhaps its not that difficult.

First things first, in 25 years time I will be 90. Thats a thought, but I am quite convinced I shall still be here, God and the government


I shall try to be as open-minded and forward looking as my maternal grandmother was. She died in 1963 aged 93 and has been my inspiration throughout my life. She was a farmers wife herself, widowed at 63 and spoke up for me when I took my farmer boyfriend home. She said I would have a good life. How right she was, that boyfriend has been my husband for 42 years and despite hard work and many trials, including BSE, we have had a happy life and I know we shall

continue so.

I doubt that either of us will be driving then, so will we still be living three miles from the nearest shop? There are no buses now let alone in 25 years time. Obviously we will be dependant on some help, horrible thought, but we must remember to be gracious and help ourselves whenever


People will still need to eat and Im convinced farmers will still be needed even if we have to change our style. I hope the consumer will return to wholesome home-baked food, consequently I believe, cookery lessons, basic and fancy, should be taught in schools again to girls and boys. We must not be afraid to try new things or rejuvenate old ideas.

Weve just started keeping bees – or at least our son has – and Ive grown quite attached to them (not literally) and what fascinating things they are. It proves you are never too old to learn. I read recently that the whole countryside structure could fall apart without their presence and hard work, just like


And farming like fashion does go in cycles. Weve started reading A G Streets books again. What grand yarns and material he wrote, well worth hunting them out on the dusty shelves of second hand book shops.

As for personal concerns, I pray for good health for my family and me, then whatever happens with the weather, fashions or politics we can survive 2023 and beyond.

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