Wheat quality holding up

21 August 2001

Wheat quality holding up

WHEAT quality seems to be high, despite the recent weather, says Owen Cligg of Wessex Grain. But yields are variable, “from better-than-expected to disappointing.”

“The quality milling wheat is holding up.” He says he has seen samples of Rialto with Hagberg 110. But Malacca, Hereward and Soissons are about 250.

“Protein is between 11.5-14%. But Ive seen Abbott as low as 9% and as high as 14%. There is some real variation.”

Specific weights are coming into the store lower. “Malacca is coming in at 19% moisture and 72-73kg/hl. But this should increase to 75kg/hl when dry. The smaller grains is not too much of a problem as smaller grains can hold protein better.”

“Farmers are just relieved to see a harvesting window.” 30-35% of wheat has been combined in the area. Yields are varied. “Weve heard several 4t/acre (10t/ha), but also a few 2.5t/acre (6t/ha). I have a gut feeling yields will be 5% lower this year.”

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