Width-ways wrapper…

25 June 1999

Width-ways wrapper…

A NEW trailed Elho wrapper, which uses a front loading offset cradle to load bales width-ways behind the path of a baler is available from Krone.

Designated the 1520 Sideliner, the wrapper is designed to eliminate the chore of working across bumpy field tramlines – a problem often encountered with machines which load bales length-ways.

In operation, bales are lifted automatically after contact with a feeler bar by two hydraulic arms which then load onto a roller table where three powered rollers with friction pads ensure positive bale rotation.

The machine which uses a 360deg orbiting wrap arm to cover bales in 500mm or 750mm pre-stretched film, is operated by a four valve control unit with remote control inside the tractor cab.

After wrapping, ejection is from a 10cm height onto a slip pad from the rear which is claimed to minimise film damage when bales roll onto the ground and from subsequent handling.

Wrapping bales from 1m to 1.5m (3ft to 5ft) diameters, the Sideliner is 4.2m long and requires 15 to 30lt/min oil flow at 150 bar pressure.

For transport, the drawbar is swung to an in-line position behind the tractor.

Available in limited numbers this season, the Elho 1520 Sideliner is priced at £8545.

A front loading cradle allows more logical loading and less chassis stress on the latest Krone Elho 1520 Sideliner trailed wrapper.

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