Win a Fraser slurry

28 November 1997

Win a Fraser slurry

tanker worth £6000

Theres a chance to win a

Fraser slurry tanker worth

£6000 in the


pre-Christmas competition.

Just read the text, check

the rules and fill in the

coupon. It couldnt be easier

SLURRY may often be a headache to store and spread, but it can be a valuable way of boosting soil fertility. The problem is knowing accurately what its nutrient value is and applying the right fertiliser on first-cut silage areas to match.

Since the exact quantities of N, P and K in the slurry vary greatly according to how its stored, how dilute it is and how its applied, its very difficult to calculate what nutrient value youre getting.

Farmers generally do one of two things. They either hedge their bets by applying a compound fertiliser, which even if put on at a lower rate is still likely to produce a money-wasting excess of P and K in the soil in fields that regularly receive slurry.

Or else they go for the option of applying straight N and relying on the slurry to supply the P and K. This is a relatively cheap route to take, but they run the risk of P and K levels falling too low and grass quantity and quality being hit as a result. Either way, its not the most precise way of handling grassland management.

Matching nutrient supply

This is where Kemiras Slurry Balancer comes in. Launched at the end of 1996, it is a first-cut silage fertiliser designed to complement slurry by broadly matching its nutrient supply. The combination of the two gives maximum grass growth and quality without spending money on excess nutrients.

Its analysis – 28:3:8, ie a high N level with moderate levels of P and K – means it can be applied at only 7.5 x 50kg bags/ha (3 x 50kg bags/acre). That compares with the five bags of traditional fertiliser youd need, a "slurry dividend" worth as much as £30/ha (£12/acre).

This supplies 105kg/ha (84 units/acre) of N, taking the total N supply, with slurry, to more than 125kg/ha (100 units/acre) – the ideal level for first-cut silage. Moreover, the P and K content ensures that crops treated with slurry will grow at peak rates and that soil nutrients are balanced for the next crop.

Now youve read about Kemira Slurry Balancer, look at the list of Slurry Balancer features listed on this page. Put them in what you think is their best order of importance and fill in the coupon.

If your order matches that of the judges, you could win a 6800-litre (1500gal) Fraser slurry tanker worth £6000. And all it will cost you is the price of a stamp.

Above and above right: Kemira Slurry Balancer is designed to complement slurry applications on first-cut silage land, safeguarding soil fertility

for the following crop while avoiding the build-up of excess P and K.


A. Maximises the value of


B. Designed to balance the

nutrient value of slurry.

C. Saves on fertiliser costs.

D. Avoids using unnecessary


E. Broadly matches slurry to

maintain soil fertility.

F. Simple to apply.

A Fraser FV7000 vacuum slurry tanker with 6800 litre (1500 gal) capacity (the bigger brother of the one pictured) is the prize.


1. How is the Fraser slurry tanker to be won? Skill, judgement and

experience will decide your order of priority for the six Kemira Slurry Balancer features listed.

2. Study these rules. Write in order the key letters of the six priorities in the blank spaces on the coupon that appears in the farmers weekly issues of Nov 28, Dec 12 and Dec 26.

3. There is no entry fee but each attempt must be made in ink on a coupon cut from farmers weekly.

4. All entries will be examined and the prize awarded to the competitor who has chosen the best order of importance for the six features listed.

5. In the event of a tie, a simple

eliminating contest will decide the winner.

6. The decision of the judges and the editor of farmers weekly in all matters will be final and legally binding. No correspondence can be enteredinto.

7. The competition is open to farmers, managers and contractors in the United Kingdom and Eire, except employees of Reed Business Information and their families, or of Kemira Agro Ltd Ltd and its distributors, or of farmers weeklys printers.

8. Data supplied may be used for direct marketing purposes.

9. Closing date for receiving

completed coupons is Jan 9, 1998. They should be addressed to

farmers weekly/Kemira Competition, Farmers Weekly, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton,

Surrey SM2 5AS.

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