28 November 1997


A VARIETY outyielding controls by 6% in treated trials is the sole addition to the 1998 Recommended List for winter oats.

Jalna from PBI Cambridge represents a big step forward, according to DANIs Ethel White. "The new kid on the block, it looks set to stir things up a little bit."

It has a 5% edge over Gerald and Aintree. "Its untreated yield is also quite good." Agronomically though, it has little extra to offer and high screenings are a potential problem. "At 10.1% it is getting dangerously close to the limit set by the millers when purchasing oats." But kernel content, specific weight and grain size are all good, she notes.

After two years in the provisionally recommended category, lower yielding Emperor slips to becoming outclassed along with Solva.n

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