Woolly coats keep newborns warm

19 December 1997

Woolly coats keep newborns warm

NATURAL wools thermal and waterproof properties make it the ideal material for newborn lamb and calf coats, improving survival rate and liveweight gain, says the UK supplier of Woolovers, Synergy.

Synergy cites New Zealand studies that show Woolovers can improve lamb liveweight gain by 15% even in kind weather, and can increase calf liveweight gain by over 50% when fitted for six weeks. It says they are easy to fit, can accept all marking systems, allow a lambs smell to penetrate assisting ewe bonding, and stretch as the animal grows.

Woolovers are recommended for fitting to lambs for a few days and, after washing, for use on up to three lambs, or left on a lamb for two to three weeks. For calves fit for three to four weeks and reuse about four times, says Synergy.

Calf covers cost £11 (medium) or £12 (large) and lamb covers are £20 for 10 (01380-828337, fax 01380-827037).

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