You cant expand your way out of trouble

7 December 1999

You cant expand your way out of trouble

NO wonder farming papers carry adverts for The Samaritans – every time
somebody, like the dairy companies or our own government, stabs us in the
back, we then proceed to pull out the knife and cut our own throats with

Have we learnt nothing from the last two years?

We are still trying to
expand our way out of trouble. In a market-driven situation all we do is
make things worse.

We should be looking to produce less, not more. Until
demand outstrips supply nothing is going to change.

So don`t lease that
quota, don`t buy any more cows ,don`t listen to agricultural economists who
have never had to make a living from farming.

If we live within our quotas
for one year while others leave the industry, it would go a long way
towards righting our ills.

  • Michael Fisher, Nuneaton, Warwickshire

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