Young farmers meet Nick Brown

07 December 1998

Young farmers meet Nick Brown

By FWi staff

AGRICULTURE Minister Nick Brown was presented with a car sticker proclaiming “British is best” at a meeting last week with the nations younger generation of farmers.

The sticker is the latest venture from the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (NFYFC), aimed at persuading consumers to buy British food.

The campaign was unveiled at the Smithfield Show, before an NFYFC delegation met Mr Brown at MAFF headquarters at Smith Square, Westminster.

“The whole farming industry is suffering problems,” said Jim Powell, vice-chairman of the NFYFCs agricultural committee.

“That is why we felt it would be best to be non-specific and promote the idea that British is best.”

Mr Powell said he had a wide-ranging discussion with Mr Brown, including talks on the difficulty young people have trying to establish themselves on the farming ladder.

“The minister clearly recognised that currently there is no clear Government policy designed to give a career structure for young farmers,” he said.

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