Zenith pays 2.2p more

By FWi staff

ZENITH has announced a milk price increase of about 2.2ppl backdated to 1 April, taking the average price to about 20ppl for every-other-day collection.

The price rise was achieved through securing added-value contracts by offering “unrivalled” levels of service and support, says managing director Chris Bird.

The co-op, which markets nearly 1.4 billion litres of milk a year for 3400 dairy farmers, will pay the increase through the monthly premium, volume bonuses and a reduced stop charge.

The rise beats the recent price increases made by processors, further narrowing the gap that traditionally existed between direct supply prices and those paid by co-ops.

Wiseman is paying 2ppl more from this month, and Arla 1.75ppl. Dairy Crest is offering 1.5ppl more, for liquid milk only.

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