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Tight supplies of prime lamb expected in New Year

UK prime lamb supplies are beginning to run short, with AHDB forecasting that 10% fewer lambs will be available for slaughter during the first quarter of 2019, than over the…


Video: How the industry is fighting red meat myths

From being accused of being unhealthy to harming the environment, the red meat industry has bad publicity thrown at it from all corners of the media. But there is a…


Christmas sales bring primestock lift

Auction mart prime lamb and beef prices have lifted into December, strengthened slightly by the usual upturn in Christmas demand. Last week saw Great British prime lamb liveweight SQQs average…


Demand crucial for stable pigmeat market in 2019, says AHDB

Declining pigmeat imports combined with export growth could offset rising production to create a relatively stable UK market in 2019, the AHDB has forecast. The levy body’s latest Horizon report…


Work on £21m Scotbeef abattoir to begin in early 2019

Construction of a £21m abattoir in north-east Scotland will start early next year, creating 30 jobs and doubling the throughput of the existing plant in the area.  The Scotbeef processing…


Demand for UK meat could be undermined by treated imports

A post-Brexit deal allowing imports of chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-treated beef could have a damaging knock-on effect on the UK meat sector, according to research. Carried out by YouGov, the…

Individual livestock auction markets

Reports for individual finished auction markets to include average prices for prime cattle, cull cows and prime sheep can be found here. Prices from individual markets are posted here as they are received from the auction markets at the close of sale.

Deadweight prices

Average prices in p/KG/dw for Great Britain - updated every Wednesday
All steers
Form 3 4L 4H
-U 382.70 380.70 377.50
R 379.90 384.10 384.50
O+ 369.60 372.70 371.00
-O 337.40 340.20 332.60
All heifers
Form 3 4L 4H
-U 386.50 386.00 382.00
R 377.50 380.70 379.10
O+ 363.40 372.40 369.60
-O 326.10 341.60 344.60
All young bulls
Form 3 4L 4H
-U 366.40 362.90 384.60
R 362.30 352.70 363.10
O+ 337.80 334.70 317.50
-O 317.30 307.90 311.00
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