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Chick placings hit September record above 90m birds

The number of chick and poult placings broke records in the month of September after exceeding 90m birds. At 90.3m placings in total, the highest number ever recorded by Defra,…


UK lamb crop estimated to be down 1m head

The 2018 UK lamb crop is estimated to be about a million head lower than in 2017, because of the harsh spring weather. June 2018 census figures published by the…


Tighter beef supply forecast as calf registration falls

Fewer calf registrations combined with higher mortality in both calves and cows this year point to a tighter home-produced prime cattle supply in 2019 and 2020. The latest British Cattle…


AHDB examines effects of drought across all farm sectors

The AHDB has released an update to its drought impact report, examining the effects of the prolonged dry weather this summer on each farm sector. The levy board added that…


Gove U-turn on live exports fuels no-deal Brexit fears

Michael Gove has back-pedalled on a plan to ban live exports from the UK, indicating his position was now in favour of "restrictions" to the trade. WTO tariffs on live…


Lamb prices hit seasonal low despite less throughput

Liveweight lamb prices are edging lower as sales numbers head towards their autumnal peak. The average price in Great Britain for an SQQ lamb, one weighing between 25.5 and 45.5kg,…

Individual livestock auction markets

Reports for individual finished auction markets to include average prices for prime cattle, cull cows and prime sheep can be found here. Prices from individual markets are posted here as they are received from the auction markets at the close of sale.

Deadweight prices

Average prices in p/KG/dw for Great Britain - updated every Wednesday
All steers
Form 3 4L 4H
-U 382.70 380.70 377.50
R 379.90 384.10 384.50
O+ 369.60 372.70 371.00
-O 337.40 340.20 332.60
All heifers
Form 3 4L 4H
-U 386.50 386.00 382.00
R 377.50 380.70 379.10
O+ 363.40 372.40 369.60
-O 326.10 341.60 344.60
All young bulls
Form 3 4L 4H
-U 366.40 362.90 384.60
R 362.30 352.70 363.10
O+ 337.80 334.70 317.50
-O 317.30 307.90 311.00
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