Closed periods likely if NVZ rulings are altered

Producers who weren’t in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) last year could find themselves in one next year following the review of the action programme for NVZ’s, MLC’s Nigel Penlington told visitors to the Pig and Poultry Fair.

Limits are likely to be set for the amount of nitrogen in livestock manure that may be applied to land, termed as organic loading limits.

“This is likely to be reduced to 170kg N/ha, but it is thought a derogation will be sought for the 250kg/ha organic nitrogen limit to remain for grassland.”

Closed periods when land application of certain types of fertiliser is prohibited are also likely to come in to place, with the possibility of a closed period applying to all manure types, except straw-based farmyard manures, closed periods for all soil types and for length of closed period to be dependent on land use, soil type and climatic zone, explained Mr Penlington.

“These closed periods are likely to be increased from three and half months to five months for grassland and from four months to six months for arable land.”