New advice for growing wheat for biofuel

New guidance for wheat growers looking to supply the expanding bioethanol market has been produced by the Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA).

The ‘Project Progress 14’ report provides a broad outline of which varieties to choose and how to manage crops for alcohol production. Some key messages include:

  • Grow a soft-milling, high yielding variety (see HGCA RL)
  • Select a high yielding site
  • Avoid over-application of fertiliser N
  • Avoid late application of fertiliser N
  • Manage grain production and drying to avoid mycotoxin development

“Processors require grain giving high alcohol yields and high processing efficiency,” explained the HGCA’s Graham Jellis. “Several characteristics affect these parameters including starch content, moisture content and viscosity.

“If you are growing for an alcohol market you need to determine grain specification and crop accreditation requirements.”

In association with the Renewable Energy Association, the HGCA is also holding a series of workshops this autumn looking at developing a UK biofuels industry. Events will highlight regional initiatives and focus on practical requirements for the biofuels market.

See for more information and booking details, or call the HGCA events department on 020 7520 3948.